It takes a team...

Community Partners

Tower 21 can only support people who are in recovery because we have been supported.  Through the generous actions in our community we have been able to be a place of hope for individuals seeking to better themselves.  We could not accomplish our goal with out them.

Waypoints Faith Community

Waypoints Faith Community

Waypoints Faith Community began with the idea in 2003, that there was a way to experience church in a real and biblical way.  To create a church that was fun, open, honest, real, a church that Jesus Himself would like to attend.  A church that loved people just as they are.  A church that accepts people and invites them to belong without requiring them to change first.  A church that encourages and empowers each other to become all that God created them to become.  A church that turned to the scriptures, wrestled honestly with their implications, and then did our very best to live by them.  A church that comits themselves to each other through thick and thin.  A church that serves those outside of our community.  For more information check out their website: waypoints.church