Our Passion

Real People, Real Conection

Tower 21 offers a unique blend of support for people trapped in addiction.  We believe that relationships are vital to anything a person wants to accomplish.  Healthy relationships are important to ones sobriety and maintaining confidence for the future.  To encourage healthy relationships we have a number of support groups that meet through out the week.  Form book studies, to peer support groups, these activities give a person the chance to learn from other individuals navigating their own sobriety.  

Along with healthy relationship, Tower 21 has partnered with individuals who have overcome their addiction and want to support others in their journey.  These individuals have gained sobriety by giving it away.  What we mean by that, is they want to see people encouraged and offer hope by sharing their own insight they gained along the way.  The mistakes and the success.  These individuals range from average people with average jobs to people licensed and certified in addiction counseling and therapy.

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